Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

drama IV

Name : Anugrah Adi M
Nim : A.320080214
The Zoo Story
By Edward Albee


The writer gives the title “The Zoo Story”
Because it tells about Jerry, one of main characters in this story, Jerry is an isolated and disheartened man who lives in a boarding house and is very troubled. “Zoo” word in the title reflects Jerry’s behavior which is like zoo.

The characters
Peter, a man in his early forties, neither fat nor gaunt, neither
handsome nor homely He wears tweeds, smokes a pipe, carries
horn-rimmed glasses. Although he is moving into middle age, his
dress and his manner would suggest a man younger.
Jerry, a man in his late thirties, not poorly dressed, but carelessly.
What was once a trim and lightly muscled body has begun to go to fat;
and while he is no longer handsome, it is evident that he once was.
His fall from physical grace should not suggest debauchery; he has, to
come closest to it. A great weariness.

The Synopsis